Our Succession Program

Exiting the business? We’re interested.

If you run a money management firm or are an Advisor, Portfolio Manager, or Financial Planner who is looking for a buyout plan now or in the future, we want to connect with you. Optimize Wealth offers more money than any other firm in the industry in addition to being able to offer your clients a superior client offering and investment solutions. We uniquely recognize how much value is in all of the client relationships which you have nurtured. We can structure the buyout around you and your particular situation. And so whether you want an immediate buyout, a two-stage transition, or something in between, we are keen to work with you.

Top Dollar Payment Structure

We are happy to pay top dollar where others scrutinize or ‘nickel and dime’. We know just how hard you have worked to build your business and your book of clients over the years. We know better than the rest, just how invaluable your relationships are and how much future potential there is within your practice. As such, we are only too happy to put our money where our mouth is and will move as quickly as you need us to.

Smooth Transition Process

We offer the smoothest transition with minimal investment on your part. We recognize that you are looking to exit the business and move on to the next chapter in your life. Accordingly, we will handle everything from the paperwork, the client meetings, to any regulatory requirements. Your involvement with the transition will be entirely on your terms and as involved as you want it to be.

Peace of Mind

Get the peace of mind you deserve, knowing your clients’ needs will be completely looked after. Think of the comfort you will have knowing that we judge our success and value based on how well your clients’ financial goals are achieved, not ours. We will provide your clients with personalized financial solutions and advice to help them at every stage of their lives. Our Financial Services and solutions cover everything from financial planning and portfolio management to tax preparation, debit management, and estate planning. Ultimately, we will provide your clients with an entirely holistic approach and no load advisory relationship to ensure everyone succeeds and prospers together.

The Result? Monetize the full value of your business while knowing your clients will receive a superior client offering and investment solutions.