Our Transition Program

Industry Leading Transition Program

Our industry leading Transition Program ensures your move is quick and effortless. We won’t stop until every last client has joined
you. We know making the leap from one firm to another is both daunting and challenging.
That’s why we have a full-time dedicated
transition team to help you every step of the way.

Receive significant training and planning ahead of time

  • Thorough planning is critical for a successful transition, and this needs to start weeks in advance of your move
  • Robust pre-transition planning
  • Transition best practices and advice
  • Checklists, Scripts for phone calls, and Clear Timelines

Leverage our robust onboarding platform and technology

  • Clients can sign up online or with paper, your choice
  • Instantly initiate transfers, effortlessly set up and adjust ongoing payments
  • Track your progress by the minute through your Optimize Dashboard
  • Onboard and service new clients at the click of a button

Use our Transition SWAT Team

  • A dedicated Client Service Manager guides you through every step of the onboarding process
  • A full-time internal Portfolio Manager assists you with every single transition meeting to ensure every client feels properly welcomed
  • Your Relationship Manager is always available to ensure your transition is a massive success
  • Our transition team of experienced financial, compliance, technology, and operations professionals literally does not stop until every last one of your clients arrives safe and sound

Let our superior client offering speak for itself

  • Family Office Platform
  • Premium Investment Returns
  • Broad array of in-house and third-party managed portfolio solutions
  • Pension style Asset Management
  • Pure no-load fee structure
  • Bank-level security through our firm and our custodian National Bank (NBIN)
  • User-friendly statements and online account access

Our Transition Specialists

Our Transition Team includes extremely experienced financial, compliance, technology, and operations professionals who will work tirelessly until every last client has been properly transitioned and is completely comfortable under our Advisor Platform.

The Result? We transition clients and advisors faster and easier than any other firm in Canada. Guaranteed.